Design style

The large white border around the image adds an air of sophistication and minimalism whilst allowing the focus to be on the car. (The car shown is not the actual car that the ad is about however, it is placed and photographed the way that we would like the Ioniq to be.)

The serif text used for the Ioniq title and the slogan add elegance and professionalism. This helps to target the market of highly paid individuals who are concerned about the environment.

The text at the bottom is sans serif and in grey to ensure it does not take away from the image. However, it is important to include in the ad to show consumers all of the technological features that come with the car.

The green in the imagery affirms the eco-conscious message and promotes freedom and the ability to still have a car whilst caring about being sustainable.

The lack of a price on the ad removes the idea that Hyundai is just for cheap cars. The elegant design emphasises the style and functionality of the car.

Slogan choice

“Discover a pure electric experience”
This is a statement which Hyundai uses on their Ioniq dedicated website. The Uni Agency has decided on changing the slogan to this statement rather than keeping their current slogan. The team felt that the current slogan is not special and will not capture the attention of our target market. The team trusts that the new slogan will illustrate a ‘feel good’ experience of driving the Ioniq through the words of “pure electric experience”. The slogan also helps to emphasise how this car does not need petrol and therefore reminds consumers of how much money they could save by not having to pay for petrol.

Magazine choice

Wallpaper* magazine was chosen as the platform to communicate the value proposition of the Ioniq due to its association with lifestyle brands and its strong ”online presence” in the from of the “” site, which “provides global reach across the most important markets for targeting an affluent audience” (Wallpaper*, 2018).  

Considering the Hyundai Ioniq vehicle is the “Korean brand’s first dedicated hybrid,” the company must position its latest product in a medium known for its strong ties to design, thereby helping establish its design as a premium feature in the competitive automobile market (Greimel, 2019).  These brands have a common target audience that will benefit from their respective capabilities in the design world.
Choosing Wallpaper* magazine as the channel to communicate the new Ioniq aligns with Wallpaper*’s “position as the leading global online design destination” across the automobile industry (Wallpaper*, 2018).  Positioning of the brand via this channel is advised. With the Wallpaper* team “investing significantly” in its “online editorial output,” the Wallpaper* platform delivers an suitable medium with a target audience that is both of the income demographic and psychographic importance for Hyundai.  In fact, Hyundai has been reviewed in previous pieces by Wallpaper* for its vehicles’ designs.  Wallpaper* has described the brand as possessing “the benefit of strong design,” which will resonate with this “new generation” of consumers ”with a completely different approach to buying and using cars.” (Bell, 2018).

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