Target market

Considering that “Australian Millennials will soon be the largest Australian age group, accounting for approximately 54% of their population by 2030;” the target market of women born in the 90s will have considerable purchasing power, thereby signaling them as important consumer group to target (Synthesio, 2019).  Moreover, influences and eating behaviours are often shaped by the environment we grow up in. Growing up, we see in movies and marketing campaigns that chocolate is mainly consumed by women. Consequently, from a young age, the consumption of chocolate in females is seen as something special – think Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. Additionally, women are told from their environment that the consumption of chocolate has the ability to calm and uplift them when they are down – think the consumption of chocolate after a breakup.  An independent survey on women’s consumer choices “revealed that 44 percent of Australian women eat chocolate as a way of making themselves happier when they feel down or depressed” (Chocolate, 2019).  For these reasons, we will utilise the demand created by these influences and target the Milkybar chocolate towards young women.

Design style

The hand drawn style helps to emphasises childhood (the good old days) and youth. This aspect will also help it to stand out from other ads.

The simple layout and block colours grab the viewers attention. The use of white and yellow as the background ensure that the new colour of Milkybar doesn’t go unnoticed.

Why are we changing the colour from white to orange?

The team would like to propose re-branding the synonymous white Milkybar chocolate in order to create a feeling of nostalgia. The aim is that our target market will look at the re-branded chocolate bar and reminisce of times when they were kids and would eat chocolate. This will be highly effective for increasing sales of Milkybar as nostalgia is a powerful marketing tool due to its ability to trigger a positive mood from the past.

The agency believes that the colour orange will be able to create the feeling of nostalgia amongst the target market of young women. Orange will incorporate feelings of both red (energy) and yellow (happiness). As a result of this combination, the colour orange can effectively express happiness, attraction, encouragement, and stimulation. As a colour it appears to be bright which attracts attention, and mentally, it is a warm colour which stimulates that happiness. In addition, the colour has a ‘jolly’ feeling to it, which again, aids in arousing happiness.

To add to the feeling of nostalgia, orange is the colour of Halloween where many kids participate in trick-or-treating. For women, this colour can bring back happy memories of the holiday and memories of eating the collected chocolate.  
In an article titled “New Insights into Chocolate Markets” by the Asia Pacific Food Industry, the power of nostalgia to target consumers was referenced when ‘Whammo’s chocolate cake bars’(a favourite in the Philippines in the early nineties made a comeback),” by reportedly selling out “immediately after appearing” in stores (AP, 2019). In industry trends, “increasingly brands are recognising the power of nostalgia in marketing” to help tap into these target consumers with messages that “explicitly” showcase a “yearning for escape back into childhood or a bygone era” (AP, 2019).  As a result of these various factors, the agency chose orange as the perfect colour to stimulate nostalgia via its Milkybar product re-branding strategy.


“Milkybar will take you back to the good old days”

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